November 13, 2009

Workshop At a local Pottery Studio

Workshops are a great way to rejuvenate your craft.  When you feel blah and bored and don’t know why you are doing what you are doing any more, conferences, seminars, and workshops are the way to go.  It doesn’t matter if you are a potter, nurse, doctor, engineer, or in waste management.  There is always something to do and something to learn.  It is something I hope to continually inject into the studio.  The pursuit of knowledge, if not for any other sake than to expand our bubbles.

At our studio I am will be hosting at least 2 workshops every year.  We had our first one last year with Jan Kolenda on the art of working with stamps on hand built forms, and what can I say is that it was fabulous.  She shared so much valuable information with us, that I couldn’t possibly absorb it all.  It was decades worth of trial an error that she condense for us, into simple and effective techniques that everyone was easily able to apply.

The effects of the workshop are still showing themselves through the studio today.  Lidia has taken the stamping technique to make these wonderful yoga signs with Namaste on them, as well as for her little garbage pot for the kitchen with a cute little lizard on the lid trying to eat the goodies.   Errol has incorporated the stamping made some neat hand built plates, Mindy stared working the handle making technique into these beautiful platters.  Even my mom used what she learned to make small dishes (I’ll make a potter out of her yet, yesterday she handbuilt a pot! I was so proud of her, she used the slab roller and everything! Sadly though  I accidentally squashed it:(…).  The workshop at the pottery studio was a wonderful experience for me as well and I have used to teach others especially teaching the kiddies and the boy scouts on how to handbuild and turn some otherwise bland forms into something unique.  I definately sparked something new and different in the studio.

This years workshop will be with Klawdia Proia from Haiti.  She is an amazingly talented potter and a woman after my own heart, fast, quick, and she loves to dip her glazes!  She will be throwing her lidded vessels and showing us how to do verticle stamping on large platters.  Then she will show us how to do glaze trailing and wax resist using Stroke and Coat and our home made Cone 6 studio glazes.  I can’t wait to see her techniques and to see how everyone in the studio interprets and applies them.

This years workshop will be December 12 From 10 am to 3pm.  And as of the writing of this I only have space for 3 more people!

The moral of the story kiddies is that you should attend workshops to help you find a new life for your work, to inspire you to work differently, and to learn.  If you aren’t learning… You aren’t paying attention!  Go out and learn something new!


One Comment on “Workshop At a local Pottery Studio

November 17, 2009 at 10:32 PM

This post makes me want to fly to florida on Dec 11…so i could be at the workshop… i bet it will be amazing, and i completly love the idea of workshops to reinspire etc. I do have tickets to be in florida jan 17 to 23, i hope to come by and glaze my works 🙂
-Rivkah from NY

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