September 11, 2012

Glass Fused Robots

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Glass Project Idea : Robots!

School’s back in session, and for many of you, that means things are slowing down in your studio. Take advantage of this time to make fun samples that will keep your customers interested and inspired through the fall months!

This Mr. and Mrs. Roboto project set incorporates some of our favorite colors into some funky robots. For a simple and fun variation, turn these funny friends into aliens or space creatures! As long as you use similar colors on each panel, you’ll create a set that goes well together.

Instead of working on the standard blank, we cut down a rectangular slab (12×6″) into three 6×4″ panels to create our base. It’s as simple as that, and the artist can take home three projects instead of one! For a fun challenge, try making your sample completely out of odd cuts and glass scraps you have leftover from other projects. Not only is this cost-effective, but your project will be totally unique!

Mr. and Mrs. Roboto
You’re singing the song now, aren’t you? This dynamic trio will brighten up anyone’s day!

GSLAB200 Opaque White Glass Slab
GBLOC533-1 Sky Blue Blocks
GBLOC267-72 Sunflower Blocks
GBLOC2702 Orange Opal Opaque Blocks
BC-223-72-20 Turquoise Green Buffalo Chips
RO2302-96 Opaque Medium Blue Rods
GSTRIP200 White Strips
GBLOC230-72 Medium Blue Opal Opaque Blocks
GBLOC226-74 Opaque Amazon Green
S5262-96 Moss Green Translucent Stringers
N355-96 Marigold Noodles

ST340 1″ Running Pliers
Elmer’s Gel Glue
Small Plastic Cups
ST352 Pistol Grip Glass Cutter
Small Orange Glass Scrap for Beak
ST540 Thinfire Paper
ST352 Wheel Mosaic Cutter

Click on the item numbers to see more about the products in this technique sheet, and to order the items for your project.


1. Using the Pistol Grip Glass Cutter, score and break the White Slab into three 3×6 inch sections. You will use the extra white glass later in the project.

2. Build the body of the first robot by cutting an Amazon Green Blank into a rectangle. You may sketch your shape on the glass block with a Sharpie before you cut. Attach with a small amount of Elmer’s Glue.

3. Score and break two thin legs out of a Sunflower Block. Repeat with Sky Blue to create arms and a head. Attach both to the glass blank.

4. Embellish Mr. Roboto with various glass components. Nip off small sections of the Opaque Medium Blue Rods to create rod dots for his legs and eyes. Nip off sections of a Marigold Noodle to create a mouth and antennae.

5. Now it’s time to create the rocket! Score and break two identical rectangles out of the Sky Blue Blocks and the Medium Blue Opal Opaque Blocks. Attach to the slab.

6. Cut a triangle out of the Sunflower Block, then trace the shape onto an Orange Opal Opaque Block. Create a second line just inside the outline, and cut a smaller triangle to fit inside the Sunflower one. Attach to the top of the rectangles.

7. Break off small pieces of the Moss Green Translucent Strings and place underneath the body of the rocket to create the look of steam. Advanced tip : Add flame shapes to the body of the rocket by carefully scoring waved lines on a Sunflower Block. Break the pieces and glue to the Rocket with a small amount of glue.

8. And last but not least, Mrs. Roboto! Score and break a large Sunflower triangle and attach to the center of the final white blank.

9. Cut thin strips of Sky Blue for legs, and a Amazon Green square for her head. Now she’s ready for accessories! Scatter Turquoise Green Buffalo Chips around her dress, and place two scrap pieces of Sunflower at the base of her legs as feet.

10. Nip off pieces of Marigold Noodles for antennae. Using any remaining scrap pieces, create a pinwheel of color next to her body. Cut a thin strip of Sky Blue as a handle and attach.

11. Fire to a contour fuse.

To view products and download the PDF for use in your store, visit Mr. and Mrs. Roboto over at our website!

Happy Fusing!

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