December 3, 2013


Vitrigraph comes from the the terms vitri meaning glass and graph meaning to write.  So a vitrigraph kiln is a kiln that that you could write with glass or pull glass.  You fill up a container with glass and heat it up in the kiln.  Once the kiln and glass get hot enough (about 1800) they glass will melt into a thick puddle.  The bottom of the pot and kiln have a hole in them so you can pull the molten glass through the hole and shape it twist it and turn it in different directions.  The idea is three fold.  You are either going to make interesting murrini, pull stringers, or create curved elements.

Depending on how you lay out your pot the murrini that comes out will have a variations of cirlces and lines and colors that when they lines are cut on a bias they give you unique dots with vary colors to be used as design elements.

You can buy commercially made stringers or pull your own.  Commercially made stringers are all of uniform thickness (think spaghetti).  By pulling your own stringers you can play with the thickness of the line giving you one of a kind design elements that can add dimension, depth and flow to your fused glass pieces.

Lastly you can pull curved lines.  Commercially made glass is all liner, sheets, rods, noodles, and stringers and all make straight lines and linear elements for your designs.  However pulling your own curved pieces allows you to express your designs through curves and edges that will expand the capability of what you can do with you fused glass.

The studio now features our own vitrigraph kiln that can be rented to  make your own unique design elements.  It takes about 1 hour and 45 minutes  from the time you kick it on to the time you can start pulling.

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