Mixing Plaster for Molds and slip casting

Below is an article from Ceramics arts Daily.  They have great Technological articles every once in a while about ceramics, clay, glazes.  They have great tutorials on working with clay and for mixing pottery plaster, well I wanted to preserve the information below for use in our own plaster mixing for slip casting and reclaiming […]

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Celadon Like Glazes and Tiles

What is a Celadon Glaze?  The answer as always in modern day, is it depends.  A long long time ago Celadon Glazes came from China.  The are transparent made with feldspars and have a light green blue color.  Theses glazes where typically fired on porcelain and where fired in reduction where the iron oxide turned […]

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I am such a geek and am probably one of the few that cares about glazes that much to get all gushy over how temperature and melting properties of different materials force a unique occurrence where the combined effect is greater than the sum of their parts! This was posted on Ceramics Arts Daily, and […]

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THE Rutile Glaze

IMG_2586, originally uploaded by miyCeramics Studio. As we start exploring in depth cone 6 glazes and start understanding how chemicals behave in the glaze matrix you can get some just gut wrenchingly beautiful effects. This picture is rutile brushed haphazardly on floating blue. Floating blue was dipped on the stamped surface, then wiped also haphazardly […]

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Rutile in Glazes

Ode to the chemical guru’s on the internet: I was wondering if you might be able to help shed some light on some glaze issues or at least point me in a direction for research.  We inherited a lot of recipes when we opened out studio 3 years ago, I want to better understand the […]

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AmeriTeve With Fernando Hidalgo and MIY Ceramics

Can you say ceramica?  Tonight at 7pm MIY Ceramics will be live on the Fernando Hidalgo show.  It is your typical Latin flavor fan fare.  Girls in tiny glittering clothing shimmying around the stage, while men open button shirts and hairy gold medallions look on and discuss politics, life, society, and tonight for one night […]

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S Cracks

This tutorial it on how to avoid S cracks.   And cracks in your clay in general.  This is true for both wheel throwing and handbuilding. What are S cracks?  S cracks are the little cracks that develop in your pots usually at joints or on the bottom of your pots. . They are typically […]

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Glass Fusing

What is Glass fusing? Glass fusing is when you melt glass in a kiln and it basically fuses together. Beyond that very basic explanation is a whole industry of glass with different options.  Think of it like paints, you have watercolors, acrylics, latex, glazes, etc.  Beyond just the technicalities of temperature and how it affects […]

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