Wine Glass Painting a

Learn the basics about glass paints and painting on glass. We will teach you about different brush strokes and brushes and how to use them to make decorations on your wine glass, we will also teach you about how to make the glass paints permanent and dish washer safe. Class does not include materials. Glasses start at $6. You can buy additional glasses from us or you may bring your own wine glass and use our paints for a small additional fee.

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To Completely Cure you Painted Glass see instructions below:

after a minimum of 24-hours;
once fully dry, it may be baked for 40 minutes in a domestic oven at 160-degree c (325-degree f).
Place the glass in a cold oven.
Turn on the oven to 325F.
Let it bake for 40 minutes and turn off the oven.
Let the glass cool inside the oven.
Warning do not pour water on the hot glass it can explode Let the glass cool to room temperature slowly.
Once baked according to the instructions, the colors are permanent, microwave safe, uv resistant and have remarkable resistance to dishwashing and to normal detergents

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