mosaic tile making arts and Crafts  class

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MIY Ceramics -Mosaic tile Making Arts and Crafts Class
We are a multimedia open membership studio teaching a variety of arts and crafts classes.  We offer a mosaic class where you learn to cut and lay in artistic patterns pieces of ceramics and glass to make beautiful mosaic tiles, table tops, kitchen back splash and benches.  We use our own resident artists as instructors to teach this class and a "hands-on" teaching approach that lakes leaning easy and lots of fun.  You will also learn to use common household items to make a mosaic project. Materials are included, but you are encouraged to bring in any tiles, plates, glass, beads, pebbles, buttons or other items to use in your project.

This is a great class for anyone interested in adding a little something special to their kitchen back splash or making a side table or bench to add something special to your home decor.  The possibilities are endless.  After this class, you will look at items that you thought of as trash as now something that can be recycled into a beautiful art project or home accessory.