MIY Ceramics Studio is a South Florida open pottery arts and crafts studio for people that want to make pottery without setting up a costly home studio. We are a unique playground for clay enthusiasts, recreational potters and ceramic artists who come to our studio to make pottery or to take beginners and advanced pottery classes. Skilled potters and novices use our facilities to make pottery under flexible access plans.  If you want to unwind, meet other people that have "clay in common" and be inspired by a endless flow of artistic ideas, join this group. Our communal setting will help you learn new skills and enhance existing ones as you make pottery, see other potters work and exchange experiences and ideas with them.  We provide all you need: classes, studio space, glazes, wheels, tools, clay, kiln firings, expertise & support.   You provide the talent!

Facilities   The main room of our 2500 sq. feet studio is an open air conditioned space outfitted with 15 electric pottery wheels, a Peter Pugger pug-mill machine, numerous workstations for hand building and glazing, concrete wedging tables, a 2" slab roller, a 4" extruder, an environment-friendly special sink for recycling clay, five state-of-the-art electric kilns that can fire up to cone 10 and a variety of tools and molds.  The well ventilated kiln and green ware area, separated from our main room, has direct access to a fenced yard which is used for glazing and clay reclamation.  We offer a wide range of clay bodies and glazes (commercially and studio made), different firing methods, crates for personal tools and ample space for work in progress, bisque ware and exhibition of finished pieces.  We also feature glass fusing and lampworking capabilities and offer open access membership in our warm glass fusing arts & crafts studio (or pay per day access) to people that want to make their own dichroic glass jewelry and glass artwork without setting up a costly home glass fusing studio.

Join our studio facilities using one of the access plans below.  As beneficial as our plans might be, you will get the greatest value from the relationships you establish with our other members.  They are a lively group of down-to-earth people from all walks of life with mixed backgrounds, skills and talents.  Some are new to ceramics, others proficient artists.  All are resourceful, always willing to give you a helping hand should you get stuck in the mud.  They all have a common passion for making pottery artwork and love sharing it with other members.  Come and join them anytime!


Monthly Membership

Pay-Per-Day Rate

Prepay 12 months of  membership and  get two months free 

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