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MIY Ceramics - Open Access Pottery | Glass Fusing Arts and Crafts  Studio

We are an open pottery and glass studio for people interested in the fine arts of pottery, glass fusing and lampworking  Novices and skilled recreational artists access our arts $ crafts studio and use our facilities and expertise to practice these charming crafts.  We aee located halfway between Miami and Fort Lauderdale in the City of  Hollywood, Florida.

You can access and use our arts and crafts studio facilities to engage in these fine art through our monthly membership access plan or on a pay per day basis,

As useful as our access programs are, you get the maximum value from the relationships you will establish with our other members. They are a lively group of down-to-earth folks from all walks of life with mixed backgrounds, skills and talents.  Some are beginners while others are capable pottery or glass artists.  All are supportive, always willing to share experiences and ideas others.  They will give you a helping hand should you get "stuck in the mud".

Open Pottery Studio - Monthly Membership and Pay-Per-Day Access

Open Studio-Pottery Art/Craft If you're skilled or took our pottery arts and crafts class, you can use our art and craft studio facilities to make your own pottery.  We have everything you needJoin us and exchange ideas and experience with our clay artists and recreational potters!

> MiY Ceramics Open Access Pottery Art/Craft Membership Studio

Open Dichroic Glass Fusing Studio - Membership and Pay-Per-Day Access

Open Studio-Glass Fusing Craft
After taking our warm glass fusing artwork class, you can join us and use our art and craft studio facilities to make your own dichroic glass jewelry and glass artwork.  Join us and exchange ideas and experiences with our talented glass fusing artists!

> Warm Glass Fusing Open Access Arts & Craft Membership Studio