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Gift Shop - Custom-made Pottery | Dichroic Glass Jewelry & Aetwork | Ceramics  Reefs | Wedding Favors| Clay Artwork Fundraising Products | Bonsai Pots

We sell functional and decorative ceramic pieces, dichroic glass jewelry and glass artwork hand made by our artists and on display at our Hollywood studio.  You may also commission custom-made pieces for a home, garden or business decorating project, a fundraising event or a special gift.  Visit us and check out our artwork, buy a distinctive gift or discuss ideas for your next decorating project, fund raising event or charity auction.

Purchasing directly from us, you save the steep markups galleries charge while supporting your local artists.  Sales at the studio are conducted every Saturday from 12 to 4pm.  You can also buy our handmade dichroic glass jewelry and fused glass artwork at Racing Butterfly, our online store.

Clay Products - Functional Pottery | Decorative Ceramics Artwork

Ceramics Artwork Gift Gallery
At the studio we exhibit a wide variety of functional and decorative ceramics pieces, handmade by our artists, for sale at prices well below those of art and retail stores. 

>Pottery artwork gallery | ceramics art craft gift shop

Glass Products - Slumped Bottles | Dichroic Jewelry Artwork

Glass artwork gift art Gallery
 Check our selection of slumped bottles, dichroic jewelry and glass artwork.  All our products are handmade by our artists and sold at prices way under those of retail stores.

>Bottle slumping   and Glass artwork gallery gift shop

Custom-made Pottery - Projects Commissions | Clay Pieces

Custom-made Pottery ARTWORK
Commission handmade ceramic artwork to use as distinctive gifts or in your home, garden, business or decorating projects.

>Handmade pottery artwork|custom art commissions

Artificial Aquarium Pottery - Clay Reefs

Aquarium Pottery Reefs | Rocks
Protect the ocean reefs, aquascape your aquarium with  our environmentally friendly and safe artificial ceramic reefs|rocks.

>Artificial aquarium pottery reefs|clay live rock crafts

Custom-made Bonsai Ceramics Pots and Planters

Bonsai Handmade Ceramic Pots 
Enhance the charm and beauty of your bonsai trees with our unique ceramics pots in classical Japanese shapes.

>Pottery art rafts handmade pottery bonsai pots

Pottery - Dichroic GlasS Fusing Artwork  | Bridesmaids Wedding Favors Gifts

wedding Gift|Bridesmaid Favor
Buy a distinctive wedding gift or thank your bridesmaids with a unique wedding favor they will cherish and remember for years!

>Pottery | glass bridesmaids gifts | wedding favors

Artwork Gift Certificates - Pottery/Clay | Glass Fusing

Craft Classes Gift Certificates
If you love art, give those you love the gift of creating art with a unique learn gift, party or open access studi0.certificate. We also sell arts and crafts shopping artwork gift certificates.

>P0ttery|glass fusing|beading classes gift certificate

Charities Fund Raising Auctions - Clay Artwork Pieces

Pottery Crafts for Fundraising
Charities & other civic organizations often commission pottery pieces to sell at auctions.  To support their efforts, we slash our prices and create unique designs that bring top bids.

>Pottery atrfts for fundraising auctions & charities