September 13, 2017

Kiln Sales| Repairs| Firing Services

Pottery and Glass Kiln Sales| Repais| Firing Services

Carving_1_fsWe sell clay and glass kilns and provide kiln firing and repair services.  We charge by the cubic inch and depending on whether it is a glazed piece of bisque piece.  You can pay per piece or rent out a full kiln.  Kiln rental fee’s start at $50 for low fire bisque or $65 for high fire. We can accommodate pieces as large as 25? x 28?. You may bring in your green ware or glazed pieces to be fired. We will take down all your information and we take payment up front. While do our best to ensure the safe firing and handling of your work,  if your work needs extra care and attention because of its fragility we may ask you to come in to the studio at a scheduled time so you can personally load your piece into the kiln.  Please note we do have tried and true methods for firing including a 2 hour preheat on bisque and slow cooling for the glaze firing. If an accident happens because of circumstances we could not prevent like a kiln malfunction we will refund you the firing fee.

We can adjust the firing cycle to accommodate your work based on its need, it’s often because of thickness or size or construction.  In order to do this, the best option is to buy a full kiln load.

If you bring in a piece to be fired and you don’t know what clay type it is, we may not be able to fire it.  We have had people come in with air dry clay, that melted all over our shelves, and we have had people come in with low fire pieces swearing they were high fire which also destroyed our shelves.  If you do not know what kind of clay was used, you will be taking on the responsibility that if you piece creates a disaster in our kiln you will be paying to replace our kiln shelf.  Our kiln shelves range in price from $45 to $65.  You can keep the destroyed kiln self and we will replace it.

Glass Kiln Firing Services

We rent firing time for fused glass work as well.   We offer Slow Slump, Tack Fuse, Contour fuse, and Full fuse firing cycles. The cost is $10 per firing for the small kiln (12.5x 13.5) and $15 per firing for the larger kiln (20?x 20?) (restrictions apply).

Ceramics and Glass Artwork Sales and Repair Services

We sell and repair kilns, pottery and glass tools.  Please contact us for additional information.

 History of Kilns

Humans have been experimenting with firing clay since the first day they discovered the amazing transformation between clay and rock when enough heat is added.  Although we don’t know exactly when humans figured out this magic combination, there are many theories.  One such theory is that of fishermen who would line their grass baskets with this squishy soft material they found near the edges of lakes and rivers. This materials would keep their fish fresher longer so they could travel longer distances between the lake and their village before having to come back to bring the fish home.  Maybe, just maybe, one such fisherman was so tired he left the basket of fish too close to their campfire one night.  Their fish basket caught fire and the next morning they found the incinerated fish along with some hard rock that had been transformed from the clay lined around the basket.

However it was that humans put clay and fire together to get ceramics, they fine tuned and refined the process over the millennia.  They figured out how different fuels affected the firing process be it wood, grass, gas, or electric.   They figured out how to build the ovens more and more efficiently to preserve the heat and get hotter longer. The experimented with the raw materials to help affect the surface quality of the end product, using metals for color, temperature, and time to affect that color.

It took more than a millennium of  time to develop process that allow us to constructed and alter clay for both functional and aesthetic purposed, then transform it by fire to a hard durable rock surface, and then color, paint, and glaze it for our own artistic expression and function.  We stand on the shoulders of giants when it comes to firing and working clay as we know it today.

Our studio houses 6 kilns for clay and glass firing along with a gas fired kiln for Raku firing.  Please contact us if you are interested in any of these services.

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