September 13, 2017

Slumped Bottle Classes


Bring your glass bottle to our wokshop and we will recycle it into a beautiful artwork. In this one-hour class we’ll discuss the slumping process, the use of molds to shape the bottle and how to prepare your bottle for the slumping process. Slumping glass bottles involves heating the bottles in a kiln until they melt and change shape.  Bring your favorite wine, liquor or perfume bottle to our studio and we’ll recycle and re-purpose it into a functional artwork. Please clean bottle thoroughly inside and out and remove all labels and plastic attached to the bottle.  We will clean the bottle for you, but there is a $3 cleaning fee per bottle. Click here for our price list.

You can use slumped bottles as functional and decorative pieces in your business and home.  They add zing to parties and fundraisers and make unique gifts. Painted bottles like Grey Goose Vodka are great because you can see the bottle’s logo after slumping them.


Not all bottles are made alike, some bottles are painted with paints that burn off or change colors during firings.  Since bottles are manufactured for one thing and one thing only (which is holding liquid) their walls are not always of even thickness or consistency.  So bottles can move during the firing as their weight redistributes when it is firing.  Also because some bottles are thicker than others (like the Grey Goose bottles), they may not hold up well to the cooling in the kiln and it can crack.  Although we have only seen this problem on the larger bottles.

Lastly about the COE of the bottles. COE is the term coefficient of expansion, which is the rate at which glass expands and contracts with temperature.  Since we don’t know the COE of the bottles we don’t know if two bottles will be compatible or not, this only affects you if you want to slump 2 bottles together so they join in the middle to make two dishes.  We can’t always control what happens in the kiln, but we are happy to try it out for you

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