I own a pottery studio in Hollywood Florida. I share the space with other pottery lovers, and I am also and electrical engineer working for Motorola.

How to Roll out a Slab of Clay

1.  Wedge your clay 2.  Determine the Depth of your piece and make sure you clay ball is at least that long 3. Roll out your slab: For Slab Rollers For hand thrown Slabs For Slabs created using rolling Pins 4.  Smooth and compress the surface of your slab using a metal or rubber rib.   […]

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How to Grout your Mosaics Masterpiece

GROUTING 101: For those of you taking the class and have the homework of grouting or want to take on the challenge of grouting at home, we wrote up some safety tips and instructions below: Safety: You used broken objects of glass and ceramics in your mosaics so please be careful when grouting because edges […]

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Aquarium Clay Reefs | Rocks

Aquarium Clay Reefs|Rocks Visit our ceramics studio to check what aquascapes we have on hand for purchase. Our ceramic imitations of reefs and live rocks are friendly to the environment, prevent the live ocean reefs from being killed, are safer than concrete and do not require lengthy soaking periods or continuous cleaning and maintenance. You […]

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Bonsai Ceramics Pots|Planters

Enhance the charm and beauty of a bonsai trees with unique clay planters and pots in classical Japanese shapes hand made in our studio by our artists. Buy directly from us and save money.  We sell standard and custom-made (size, shape and style) bonsai tree pottery planters and pots.  If you are looking for the odd size, […]

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How to slump a wine bottle

1.  Remove all labels and collars.  Anything that is not painted on needs to be removed from the bottles.  Anything plastic, will melt or burn out in the heat of the kiln 2.  Cover the bottle with your favorite Devitrification solution.  This will keep the bottle shiny instead of matte or mottled.  We use Spray […]

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Warm Glass Fusing FAQs

What is dichroic glass? Can dichroic glass be fused together with other glasses? Do you teach glass fusing classes? Is glass fusing the same as glass lampworking? I need a place to do my glass work.  Do you provide open studio  access? Can you use dichroic glass for glass blowing? Why does dichroic glass have […]

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Summer Camp 2017

Summer heat is in full swing in South Florida! If you need to cool off, we got plenty of mud at MIY ceramics, so come and throw some around with us. We are trying a new format of keeping in contact with each of you and we hope you will enjoy it! In the upcoming […]

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Spirit Horse in Glass

Francis carved this horse out of clay and made a relief mold.  The mold was bisque fired and then sprayed with  boron nitride as a mold release.  She’s tried to do this 2 times unsuccessfully but it seems that the bond nitride is the trick to making the glass release beautifully. She used fine frit […]

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Bone Marrow Glaze from Fetish Ghost

One of the potters in our studio turn us to on another potters blog about glazes. He uses a glaze he calls amber over a glossy clear white liner glaze (recipe from Mastering Cone 6 glazes). We mixed this combo up and voila, a new instantly awesome glaze. I will be posting a picture soon. […]

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Clay Texture in Pots and Wheel throwing Videos

Texture on clay pots can come in many forms.  I have listed some examples as well as posted pictures from blogs of different potters. These are pictures from Joy Tanners blog.  She carves into leather hard clay to make beautiful assymetrical patters.  She fills in different patterns with engobes and then soda fires her clay […]

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