Bone Marrow Glaze from Fetish Ghost

One of the potters in our studio turn us to on another potters blog about glazes. He uses a glaze he calls amber over a glossy clear white liner glaze (recipe from Mastering Cone 6 glazes). We mixed this combo up and voila, a new instantly awesome glaze. I will be posting a picture soon. […]

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Clay Texture in Pots and Wheel throwing Videos

Texture on clay pots can come in many forms.  I have listed some examples as well as posted pictures from blogs of different potters. These are pictures from Joy Tanners blog.  She carves into leather hard clay to make beautiful assymetrical patters.  She fills in different patterns with engobes and then soda fires her clay […]

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Vitrigraph comes from the the terms vitri meaning glass and graph meaning to write.  So a vitrigraph kiln is a kiln that that you could write with glass or pull glass.  You fill up a container with glass and heat it up in the kiln.  Once the kiln and glass get hot enough (about 1800) […]

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Raku Re-Oxidation

    Reduction is the process of reducing the amount of oxygen in the atmosphere.  The flaming hot pieces of pottery are taken out of the kiln and put into a container that can be sealed.  The container may contain combustible materials that will catch fire when the pottery comes in contact with them.  The […]

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Do you RAKU?

Set fire to your ceramic pots at our studio. October 27 we will be hosting a Raku firing with our new and improved Raku kiln. Bring some bisque pieces for firings, soon goodies to eat and share and use the studio glazes to prepare your pieces. We will be firing 2 -3 different cycles depending […]

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NEW! Mosaics for Beginners

Join us every other Thursday night from 6:30-9pm for a Mosaics class. If you have already taken the class and just want to share in the group atmosphere or want some guidance, bring your own base and supplies and use our adhesives or grout, day rate charges of $20 apply. Sign up for the next […]

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CERAMICS Camp! Hosted by Mayco Products

Mayco Ceramics Camp 2 Full days and 8 Exciting New Techniques! Ceramic Camp features great Mayco products and the newest techniques! In order from left to right… Introducing the stoneware mug with cone 06 & cone 6 glaze combinations. Peacock feathers tray for an innovative way create a glaze resist. Specialty Accents used in a […]

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Intermediate Glass Fusing Class

This Class is 6 weeks of fun and experimentation. Re-learn the basics and add new skills to your repertoire. Glass fusing series from beginner to intermediate. We will cover a lot of ground, but even if you don’t have experience this class will take you from beginner to intermediate during the 6 weeks. Take your […]

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Nerikomi Workshop

Colored Clay and Porcelain Workshop

Colored Clay and Porcelain Workshop! What is it: Nerikomi is a Japanese term that refers to pottery made from colored clay. It typically involves using porcelain clay’s infused with ceramic stains. What are we going to do: During this workshop you will learn how to make your own colored clay’s and how to use them […]

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