Glass Fusing

Slumped Bottle Classes

SLUMPED GLASS BOTTLE ARTWORK CLASS Bring your glass bottle to our wokshop and we will recycle it into a beautiful artwork. In this one-hour class we’ll discuss the slumping process, the use of molds to shape the bottle and how to prepare your bottle for the slumping process. Slumping glass bottles involves heating the bottles in […]

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How to slump a wine bottle

1.  Remove all labels and collars.  Anything that is not painted on needs to be removed from the bottles.  Anything plastic, will melt or burn out in the heat of the kiln 2.  Cover the bottle with your favorite Devitrification solution.  This will keep the bottle shiny instead of matte or mottled.  We use Spray […]

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Warm Glass Fusing FAQs

What is dichroic glass? Can dichroic glass be fused together with other glasses? Do you teach glass fusing classes? Is glass fusing the same as glass lampworking? I need a place to do my glass work.  Do you provide open studio  access? Can you use dichroic glass for glass blowing? Why does dichroic glass have […]

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Vitrigraph comes from the the terms vitri meaning glass and graph meaning to write.  So a vitrigraph kiln is a kiln that that you could write with glass or pull glass.  You fill up a container with glass and heat it up in the kiln.  Once the kiln and glass get hot enough (about 1800) […]

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Glass Fused Robots

Check out this blog post from BI Glass Project Idea : Robots! School’s back in session, and for many of you, that means things are slowing down in your studio. Take advantage of this time to make fun samples that will keep your customers interested and inspired through the fall months! This Mr. and […]

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Deep Slump Glass Fusing Mold Part 2

                  This is Round 2 of the deep slump firing. We are trying to take out the kinks in our kiln and our deep slump program.  The following program settings for our deep slump firing for our skutt kiln where the results of the images to the […]

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Glass Fusing Deep Slumps

Recently we started attempting to slump deep pieces.  We have learned the following thru the effort. 1.  If you go too hot, the weight of the walls sliding down the surface will cause big huge burstable air pockets. 2.  Elevate the ceramic slump mold so that the air trapped underneath fused glass can escape out, […]

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Pottery Studio meets lampworking

Hollywood, FL Pottery studio offers lampworking and bead making!  It seems like just yesterday I took a bead making class, and was addicted to it.  But the headaches I got from the MAPP gas were too much.  So I though why not setup a lampworking bench at the studio.  And not it is here!  We […]

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FULL fused Pieces

IMG_2182, originally uploaded by miyCeramics Studio. Full fused glass tack fused on single layer clear with green fine frit.  I am playing with using flickr to post straight to my blog site with pictures.  This was a piece made during our glass fusing class.

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