Vitrigraph comes from the the terms vitri meaning glass and graph meaning to write.  So a vitrigraph kiln is a kiln that that you could write with glass or pull glass.  You fill up a container with glass and heat it up in the kiln.  Once the kiln and glass get hot enough (about 1800) […]

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Raku Re-Oxidation

    Reduction is the process of reducing the amount of oxygen in the atmosphere.  The flaming hot pieces of pottery are taken out of the kiln and put into a container that can be sealed.  The container may contain combustible materials that will catch fire when the pottery comes in contact with them.  The […]

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Slip Over Red Clay

Recently one of our members Andy made some white slip out of the Helios porcelain clay from Highwater Clays that we carry.  He has been using slip to pain on his wheel thrown plates with really great results.  I love the way they pieces look raw, but the clear glaze that we mix doesn’t seem […]

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