We teach lampworking hot glass classes using professional ‘super hot’ surface mix torches; not your typical little hot head torch using a mapp gas container. In this class you learn to make your own glass beads, pendants, hearts, bead fish, stringers, perfume vessels and other glass artwork pieces with a professional gas torch. This hot glass forming technique, aka as lampworking, torchworking, beading or beadmaking, uses a torch to shape glass into various shapes and sizes.  We teach a beginner class on demand or advanced techniques.

 We offer 3 surface mix torches, 2 GTT’s and one Nortel.  Surface mix torches use propane and oxygen. We have an 2500 CFM (cubic feet per minute) vent, this ensures that you aren’t breathing those fumes and getting light headed. We can teach you how to use a hot head torch… but everything is hotter faster with oxygen. We have limited seating (just two spots) which is great for you because you get our instructors undivided attention.


  • Learn how to fire the torch safely
  • Learn about annealing the glass
  • Learn about the different types of glass for flameworking
  • How to be safe around the files
  • How to pull stringers
  • How to make twisties
  • How to Rake Glass
  • How to roll a bead (the basis of all mandrel shapes like fish, birds, face,… beads…
  • How to decorate the bead using stringers
  • How to remove the beads from the mandrels
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  • This is a hot hot hot class, you will get HOT!
  • You will be making some hot stuff. This is not for the squeamish or feint of heart, but it is a unique and fun experience.
  • Wear closed toe shoes for class or to use the torch
  • Wear long hair tied back
  • Wear Cotton Clothing only, if synthetic materials get near the flame they can combust.

Class cost is $190 for 4 hours.  Email us to schedule a session today.

After taking a class, or if you have lampworking experience, you can use our studio instead of setting up and expensive studio space at home and worrying about venting all those noxious fumes.  You just pay the day rate and pay for gas and you have your own studio.  See our Open Studio for information and details



Historically Lampworking comes from people working glass in the flame of an oil lamp.  The glass blowers would blow into the flame (adding air and oxygen to it) to get it hotter and hotter so that it would melt or soften glass for them to manipulate and sculpt it.   We don’t know exactly where and when this art form started since the term lampworking has been loosely defined in history but records that Murano glass was used in lampworking techniques in the 14th century.  Galileo Galilee was known “artist and inventor” created large apparatus’s to as foot operated bellows to add even more oxygen to the flames to get it hotter.  Maybe this was what he used so that he could manipulate the glass to create some of his most renowned inventions like the 30x magnification telescope (or spyglass) or his lovely glass ball thermometer that still artfully graces many homes for its beautiful design and functionality.

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