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Lampworking|Flameworking|Hot Glass Torch Beading Art Class

We teach lamp working hot glass classes (also known as flame working or beading ) using professional 'super hot' surface mix torches; not your typical little hot head.  In this class you learn to make your own glass beads, pendants, hearts, bead fish, stringers, perfume vessels and other glass artwork pieces with a professional gas torch.  This hot glass forming technique (also  known as lamp working, flame working, beading, hot torch or bead making) uses a torch to shape glass into artwork pieces.  It is a is challenging, fun and intensely gratifying pastime.  

Lampworking comes from yes, working with lamps.   The history goes something like this:  "it was discovered that by forcing a narrow stream of air into the flame from an oil lamp, sufficient heat could be generated to soften and work small pieces of glass.  By the beginning of the fifteenth century scientific apparatus were being made using this new technique all across Europe.  Some of the original apparatus used by Galileo himself still survives.  Here is some of the technical stuff, if you are not interested just skip below for the pricing.  We have 3 torches,  2 GTT's and one Nortel, using surface mixing torches with propane and oxygen.  We have an awesome 2500 CFM vent, this ensures that you aren't breathing those fumes and getting light headed. We can teach you how to use a hot head torch... but everything is better with oxygen.   We have limited seating (just two spots) which is great for you because you get lots of individual attention. 

In this class you will use a gas torch to make just about anything in glass.  This is a hot hot hot class, you will get HOT! and you will be making some hot stuff.  This is not for the squeamish or feint of heart, but it is a unique and fun experience. A class costs $190 and includes instruction, demonstrations, gas and oxygen, glass materials, beads and all the glass artwork annealing in our kiln.  A class consists of a four hour sessions.   We work at your level, the class can range from beginner to intermediate.  In a class, you learn how to make pendants, pull stringer, make twisties, beads, plunge, rake and even mushroom.   Attend our lamp working class - click here to see the calendar for the next scheduled lampworking class or to register in one of these classes.

We also teach pottery arts and crafts classes at our ceramics studio as well as warm glass fusing arts and crafts fused artwork classes.   We also host day of fun glass fusing parties.  Book a day of fun party at our studio for your next group celebration!

After attending a lamp working class, or if you have previous experience, you can access our studio and use our facilities to make your glass artwork. The cost is $25 for the day plus $10 per hour for gas. This day rate includes the use of our torches or gas connections, tools, and studio facilities. You may bring your own glass or buy the glass from us.

If you plan to access the studio frequently, you can save money by joining our studio membership program. Contact us information on our open studio program.