Open Access Warm Glass Fusing Studio

Now you can pursue this entertaining artform without having to set up an expensive warm glass fusing home studio and buy costly tools and supplies  After taking a

Warm Glass Fusing Class

glass fusing class,

or if you have experience, you can use our studio facilities and tools to make beautiful dichroic glass necklaces, pendants, spoon holders, belt buckles bracelets,, bowls, cutting boards, wind chimes, scuff links, sushi plates, etc.  These fused glass artwork make distinctive birthday, wedding, family, personal, holiday and mother’s day gifts at very affordable prices. You will get the personal satisfaction of making them yourself, and save lots of money if you have many gifts to make. Share ideas, knowledge and experiences with our other studio members.

MEMBERSHIP PLAN                                                                                                    Use of our studio, equipment and tools.                                                        Instruction and coaching from our staff.                                                            kiln firing and of all the pieces you made.                                                        %20 discount on glass materials and classes

What is Glass Fusing and why it is called Warm Glass Fusing              Glass fusing is defined as the bonding of glass in a kiln. To know why it is called warm glass fusing you should know why glass blowing is called hot glass. When you are blowing glass (also known as lampworking) you are working with a torch or a furnace; hence, the word “hot” in hot glass. With glass fusing you are still working and manipulating the glass, but the kiln does the work. You work with the raw glass to create your pieces, and then fire them in isolation, so you get “warm” not “hot”.

About Dichroic Glass                                                                                              This type of glass is named because of its light transmitting and reflecting properties.  Dichroic comes from the word dichro-matic meaning it has two color properties:
  1. it reflects one color of light
  2. it transmit another color of light

A dichroic coating is deposited on a glass surface.  Depending on the glass type it can be user for stained glass, fusing, lampworking, glass blowing, etc.  The coating is used in technical applications to reflect laser beams of specific light frequencies or to reflect hot light and remove the heat component.  The surface can be highly luminous, multicolored, patterned and textured and can used by glass fusing artists as a hot design element to make prismatic color changing projects that can be spectacular.

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