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Paint your Own Pottery Studio - Open Private  Day of Fun Pottery Painting Party

Treat yourself to a day of fun at our ceramics arts and crafts studio,   Come alone or with some friends during our regular business operating hours and join other ceramics enthusiasts in this entertaining pastime.  An open painting session is a great way to expose a group of people to this fine art form.  For someone, including yourself, this experience could be a first step that develops into a passionate hobby.

At all the paint your own pottery places you can only paint mass-produced clay pieces.  At our studio you can paint mold made and hand built pieces made by our artists.  You can also order custom-made pieces from our artists to paint later on.  Our all inclusive prices start at $18  per piece - we add no studio fee.  If you want a truly  "paint your own pottery" experience, we offer a 2-hour handbuilding class where you learn to shape raw clay to  make your own pieces.  We will fire and glaze all the pieces for you, or you can comeback and paint them.  Drop by at any time. .... no appointment is necessary!

Paint Your Own Pottery Arts and Crafts Private Studio Painting Parties

Want to do something different for your next family reunion, office party or social celebration?  Treat your group to a day of fun; host a ceramics painting party at our studio!  You'll all relax and have fun while painting unique artwork pieces at your own pace.  To make your party a private event, you must have a minimum of ten people in the group.

You can paint mold-made or handmade pottery pieces made by our artists.  .   Contact us to discuss the ideas below or to customize a day of fun party for your next group celebration!.

 Want to do more than just paint?  Try a ceramics arts and crafts pottery or a glass fusing party!

Family or Friends Get-Together
Want to spend quality time with family or friends in a creative environment?  Book a fun-filled ceramics painting party.

Girls' Night Out... becoming dull?
Try something colorful! We will host a painting pottery session to your liking, provide you basic directions, wine & cheese and Voilà, you are all VIPs in your own studio, having a fun party.

The Team Building Experience
Bring your staff, co-workers or group and paint coffee mugs for each other or something meaningful to your group to be shown later on.  It's easy, fun and fosters collaboration and teamwork!

Kids Hands-on Birthday Party
Kids love painting, specially with their friends. They will have fun painting pottery to take home: frogs, butterflies, cars, etc.

Parents and Kid Get-Together                               Spend quality time with your kids  in a fun environment while motivating them to learn an art form.

Boy or Girl Scouts Team building
Organize your troop into teams to paint mugs for each other or for a fund raising event.  It is a lot of fun and educational too!

On-Site Celebrations
Add color to a party, social or business event! We will bring our 'Art in Motion' program to your location and host a 'Paint Your Own Pottery Party' for your group.  Contact us for price info.

Other Parties Ideas
Reunions (neighbors, hobby clubs, churches, schoolmates, kids and friends...), fund raising events, office parties, mother's day celebration, dates, bridal showers, painting ceramic for gifts....