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Slumped Glass Bottles Artwork - Flat or Shaped Forms

Slumping glass bottles involves heating the bottles in a kiln until they melt and change shape - see glass fusing FAQ's.  Using this process we recycle and repurpose glass bottles as functional or decorative artwork pieces that can be hand painted.  Bottles can be slumped flat and used as cheese trays, cutting boards, spoon holders, sushi plates, wind chimes, sun catchers, table or wall decorations.  Bottles can be slumped again in specially shaped molds and they will take the shape of these molds.  We currently mold bottles as serving bowls | incense burners | candle holders

You can use slumped bottles as functional and decorative pieces in your business and home.  They add zing to parties and fundraisers and make unique gifts. Painted bottles like Grey Goose Vodka are great because you can see the bottle's logo after slumping them.  You can buy our  slumped or have your own bottles slumped by us.  We  also teach warm glass fusing arts and crafts fused jewelry artwork classes  where you learn the slumping process and make dichtoic glass jewelry and artwork.

Slumped Glass Bottle Artwork - Shaped Form

****   Have Your own Bottles Slumped By Us
Bring or send us your bottles (beer, wine, liqueur, wedding, special keepsakes... ) and we'll recycle them into unique artwork that you can use.  You must clean and dry the bottles inside and outside and remove labels and glue from them before bringing or sending them to us for the slumping process.  Painted and etched logos are OK.s.                

Slumped Glass Bottles Artwork - Flat Forms

****   Purchase Slumped Bottles from Us 
You can buy slumped bottles from us in several colors and forms.  If  you do not state a choice, we'll ship a serving bowl in a stock color (clear and light or dark shades of green and brown).

Shipping Charges 

To reduce your cost, we ship uninsured USPS flat rate priority package.  Rates are:   flat bottles 1-6...$11 shaped bottles  1-3...$11.  You can buy an optional $2 safety insurance covering up to $100 for shipment lost or damaged.  We will pay for the insurance for orders exceeding $75.

****   If you want these bottles hand painted by us, specify it in the order and add $15 to the  flat  or  shaped slumping fee. Also, if you request it, we can add ( free of  charge ) hooks to the bottles so that you can use them as wall decoration items. 

Slumped Glass Bottles - Shaped Artwork Forms

Local residents and Visitors to south Florida
You can save the two-way USPS cost if you order by email or by phone at 954-927-7300, and  then, drop the bottles for slumping at our ceramics studio and pick them up after they are slumped!

 Payment Methods      

We accept money orders, checks and major credit cards. You may also use Goggle Checkout to make your payment by ordering through our online store at

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