Warm Glass Fusing Art Class       
Learn to make glass jewelry, fused glass plates and fused glass tiles. We teach one-day glass fusing art classes and advanced six-week series glass fusing classes. In our one-day glass fusing class, you learn to cut and lay glass in artistic forms to be fused and how to use it to make successful and beautiful glass jewelry and fused glass artwork. Our one day glass fusing class also features a fused glass tile and plate where you can make larger projects using various elements of our fusible glass.  Click here to see our price list.

No glass fusing experience is needed to take a class. Even at a six-week series glass fusing class, we will work at your level. Come alone or with friends and join other fusing glass enthusiasts in one of our regularly scheduled warm glass fusing art classes.  If you have a group of a least four people, make a reservation for your own private glass fusing class. A fusing class can be turned into a glass fusing art party to have fun with friends, a ladies night out, an anniversary, a team building activity, a family reunion, a birthday celebration, etc.  Click here to see our glass fusing schedule and to register in a class.

Children ages 9 and up can attend a glass fusing class if they’re accompanied by parents,

One-day Warm Glass Fusing Art Class                           

  •  The 2 hours class includes instruction, use of studio facilities and firing of pieces made
  • Learn about the different forms of glass: sheets, frits, noodles, stringers, pebbles and rods
  • Learn about the different types of glass firing: tack fuse, full fuse, contour fuse and slumping glass.
  • “Hands-on” session to make a dichroic glass jewelry piece or a regular fusible glass tile.

2016 Advanced Glass Fusing Class Series                      

Join us for 4 weeks to continue learning about Fused Glass and make beautiful glass art pieces.  Class meets every Tuesday from 6:30-8:30. We recommend you have taken our Introduction to Fused Glass.  During the next 4 weeks we will be learning the following techniques:

Glass Fusing I Components and Painting Series ($145)

  1.  Make Pattern bars, Rod, and Components.
  2.  Cut your pattern bars (12″x 6″ plate)
  3. Painting on Glass, Paint Carving (night light)
  4. 3D Fiber Paper painting  (12 x 6 wall hanging)

Glass Fusing II Textured Series ($160)

  1. Painted Bubble powder Wave (6×12)
  2. Wall Hanging bud Vase (6×6)
  3.  Textured Platter (6×12)
  4. Frames/ free standing Candle holder

Glass Fusing III Jewelry series ($145)

  1.  Dichroic Glass Silhouette Carving
  2. Hankerchief Vase (bring a dremel tool to do the Carving for your pendant)
  3. Reactive class to make faux stones like turquoise and jasper
  4. Wire wrapping.

Glass Fusing IV Beach Series($160)

  1. Vitrigraph/ Metal Inclusions in Glass
  2. Fused Glass Fish
  3. Cutting Circles (wind chime)
  4. 2 layered Coral Bowl

Class cost is $145-$160 and includes basic materials, 2 layers of glass, firing, equipment usage, and clear base layers.

  • Learn to use band saws, ring saws and tile saws to cut glass, strips and odd shapes
  • Learn how to cut circles and waves and move beyond cutting squares and triangles
  • Learn to make components that you use on larger projects like patterns bars, frit balls, part sheets and even pull your own stringers and vitrigraph murrini
  • Learn how to work metals and copper wiring into your glass project to make shapes or structural components for putting together larger fused glass projects and even for installations
  • Learn to make components that you use on larger projects: patter bars, flow bars, frit balls.
  • Learn how to use reactive glass
  • Learn how to paint on glass with frits
  • Learn how to sculpt your projects

Class Requirements

  • Please wear closed toe shoes for a class.  
  • Bring your own safety glasses if you have them we provide everything else,

Continuing Education on glass fusing through our open access studio membership plan

After taking a warm glass fusing art class, or if you have glass fussing experience you can use our studio to practice your skills by joining open access warm glass fusing studio (on a monthly or on a pay-per-day basis at your convenience.

This type of glass is named because of its light transmitting and reflecting properties.  Dichroic comes from the word dichro-matic meaning it has two color properties:

  1. it reflects one color of light
  2. it transmit another color of light

A dichroic coating is deposited on a glass surface.  Depending on the glass type it can be user for stained glass, fusing, lampworking, glass blowing, etc.  The coating is used in technical applications to reflect laser beams of specific light frequencies or to reflect hot light and remove the heat component.  The surface can be highly luminous, multicolored, patterned and textured and can used by glass fusing artists as a hot design element to make prismatic color changing projects that can be spectacular.

Famous cut-ability
We have a wide variety of System 96 glass. Here is their description about the kind of glass they make: System 96®, in all its myriad forms, is a soft, forgiving glass with a long working range and a wide margin of error. It is famously easy to cut; the colors are bright and consistent, and it will tolerate multiple firings without a blemish.

We call it Heat Compliant—designed and tested for hot glass applications. Whether you are fusing, slumping, blowing, casting, flameworking, combining techniques or inventing your own, System 96 will be your cooperative partner. We have achieved a balance of precision, predictability and creative control that pleases the most demanding artist among us, while at the same time inviting newcomers along the shortest path to success. System has earned a reputation for producing the industry’s most forgiving glass to cut. Daily we strive to retain that distinction by maintaining a soft, smooth surface and a sheet that is carefully annealed and pleasantly responsive to the cutting wheel. The most challenging shapes are always easiest with Spectrum System 96.stem 96 glass again and again. Because it was designed to be remelted, System 96 endures this punishment with unsurpassed resistance to devitrification. No overglaze necessary—no disappointments.

Smooth surface and uniform thickness
Our ultra-smooth surface and consistently uniform thickness together allow precise design, tight stacking and unsurpassed bubble control. Say goodbye to blurring lines and softening of detail—System 96 glasses retain their crisp lines throughout the firing process.

An inspiring palette of colors and forms
Cherry-pick from a lush orchard of products: the System 96 selection is big and fast becoming huge. Choose from a full array of compatible forms, every one tested to an identical standard:

RESOURCES —About System 96’s glass. Awesome glass fused projects and glass fusing tutorial Systems 96’s projects pages.  For more info check out our glass fusing glass fusing frequently asked questions FAQs

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